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Tips for Flying with Children

Tips for Flying with Children

It can be troublesome to fly with children, but here are some tips to help you get through it.

Book Seats Together


You need to book seats together, so that the whole family is sitting together and your child’s bathroom habits do not disturb other passengers. If it is possible try and book a window seat as kids love to look out.

Allow Extra Time

You need to give yourself extra time with children so that you get to the airport and to your gate on time. Not only is there time-consuming security measure, but you will also have to plan around your children and work on their time. You should add at least an hour on for travel to cope with any unforeseen circumstances.

Prepare Kids for Airport Security

Going through metal detectors, taking coats off, taking shoes off, putting your belongings on a cart and other such things can be highly overwhelming for a child. You should explain to your child before what will happen and why.

Kids Movies

You should take a laptop, an iPad or anything that plays movies. A good movie for kids will take up close to 2 hours. Also remember to pack earphones and download some games for them to play.

Quiet Activities

It is a good idea to pack coloring books, crayons and paper to keep your child entertained with.


You should get your hands on some kids books whether they are in print, on a C D or on an mp3 player. The books that you choose need to be entertaining and action packed to keep them entertained.

These are just some things that you can do to help when you fly with children, but don’t forget travel games, some snacks, gum and lollipops that will occupy your children.


connecting flights

If you Have a Connecting Flight, How Much Time do you Need?

If you Have a Connecting Flight, How Much Time do you Need?

Airlines are meant to allow a pre-designated minimum connection time between flights that connect. This time will vary depending on the type of connection and the airport. The airports will have their own list of minimum connection times. When you book a connecting flight with the same airline then the reservation system is meant to use the minimum connection time information to calculate how much time you will have to change planes.

This sounds pretty simple, but there are a number of factors that can affect the time you have in order to change planes.

connecting flights

In order to know how much time you will need to change planes you need to first look at the minimum connection times online and then take into account the circumstances that surround your trip.

These factors will determine how much time you have so that you can catch that connecting flight.

Different Airlines

If you have booked your travel on two different airlines then it is up to you to decide how much time to allow between the flights.

Customs and Immigration

It can be quite quick to clear customs or it might take you hours depending on the airport, the time and when you travel.

If you are going to another country have a look at where you will be going through customs and add on 2 hours to the minimum connection time.

Security Screenings

There are some airports that make all connecting passengers on international flights go through a security screening between flights. You will need to factor in extra time to do this.

Airport Size

If the airport is large, then it will take more time to get to your connecting flights departure gate. You will need to factor in the time it will take to get to the departure gate.


Weather events can ground flights, so if there will be a thunderstorm on the day you fly, then add some time at your layover airport to factor in any weather delays.

Wheelchair Assistance

Your airport will arrange wheelchair assistance, but you will need to wait for them to get you at the check in counter and transfer you to the gate. Allow for extra time between flights if you need wheelchair assistance.

It can be difficult to know how much time you will need between flights, but work on the minimum connection time and add in an extra 2 hours to allow for any unforeseen circumstances.